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About BP Doctor Med

No matter where you are, simply press the button, place your hand at the same height as your heart, and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate to complete a measurement. Afterward, you can see real-time blood pressure feedback on your watch with an accuracy range of less than 5mmHg.


Measurement Accuracy

Pressure 土5mmHg; Pulse Rate 5%

Battery Life

Up To 7 Days

HRV Analysis



What makes BP Doctor so GREAT?

-Patented Dual Auto-Inflated Cuff Design to Ensure Medical-Grade Accuracy

-Quality of Life Partner on Wrist: Sleep Quality, Workout and HR

-Fully Equipped Daily Assistant: Alarm, Schedule, Notifications, Family Share

Inflatable Dual-Cuffs: Accuracy Within 5 mmHg

BP Doctor MED adopts a patented dual-cognitive cuff design and miniaturized components, making it a wearable blood pressure smartwatch suitable for daily use. It enables medical-grade wrist blood pressure measurement anytime, anywhere.

Dream Machine

The Sleep function doesn't just keep track of your sleep, it also helps you create a schedule and a perfect bedtime routine so you can meet your sleep goals.

Activity Tracking On the Go

BP Doctor MED also monitors your daily activities with built-in fitness modes. It helps you achieve your daily fitness goals with a variety of metrics including calories burned, step count, and more for detailed activity insights.

Remote Family Health Management

BP Doctor App enables whole-family health management with one simple click wherever you are. All the data synced in-app can be shared with your family remotely so that they can check your physical condition at any time. Better care and a better life for you and your entire family!

Comprehensive Health Management For You

BP Doctor MED features a dual inflatable cuff design that brings medical-grade accuracy along with all essential functions of the smartwatch/band. Syncs your blood pressure changes, activity indicators, and sleep sessions in-app and graphs them into charts and diagrams that you can check anytime you want, providing you with better insight into your overall body status to develop a treatment plan or improve your lifestyle.

Included in the box

 BP Doctor Med watch

a wrist ruler

USB charging station

 user manual

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