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Additional Charging Station Set For BP Doctor Med

Additional Charging Station Set For BP Doctor Med

Lighter, Longer, Much More Pro

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A little fact you might want to know

What makes BP Doctor so GREAT?


-Patented Dual Auto-Inflated Cuff Design to Ensure Medical-Grade Accuracy

-Quality of Life Partner on Wrist: Sleep Quality, Workout and HR

-Fully Equipped Daily Assistant: Alarm, Schedule, Notifications, Family Share


Fits for 14-20cm (5.5-7.8 inches) wrist circumference.


-Weight 50g

-Dimension 50*39*12.5mm

Water Resistance


Daily splash water resistance

Keep it dry before taking BP readings

Start Managing Your Body Health

Medical-Grade: BP Monitoring Anywhere, At The Touch Of A Button

No matter where you are, simply press the button, place your hand at the same height as your heart, and the cuff will automatically inflate and deflate to complete a measurement. Afterward, you can see real-time blood pressure feedback on your watch with an accuracy range of less than 5mmHg.

Inflatable Dual-Cuffs: Accuracy Within 5 mmHg

BP Doctor MED adopts a patented dual-cognitive cuff design and miniaturized components, making it a wearable blood pressure smartwatch suitable for daily use. It enables medical-grade wrist blood pressure measurement anytime, anywhere.

Dream Machine

The Sleep function doesn't just keep track of your sleep, it also helps you create a schedule and a perfect bedtime routine so you can meet your sleep goals.

Activity Tracking On the Go

BP Doctor MED also monitors your daily activities with built-in fitness modes. It helps you achieve your daily fitness goals with a variety of metrics including calories burned, step count, and more for detailed activity insights.

Remote Family Health Management

BP Doctor App enables whole-family health management with one simple click wherever you are. All the data synced in-app can be shared with your family remotely so that they can check your physical condition at any time. Better care and a better life for you and your entire family!

Comprehensive Health Management For You

BP Doctor MED features a dual inflatable cuff design that brings medical-grade accuracy along with all essential functions of the smartwatch/band. Syncs your blood pressure changes, activity indicators, and sleep sessions in-app and graphs them into charts and diagrams that you can check anytime you want, providing you with better insight into your overall body status to develop a treatment plan or improve your lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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What Cardiologists Think of Us

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  • Dr. Malcolm, USA

    One-time blood pressure reading means nothing medically. An at least 30-day data can tell us whether the patient is hypertension. BP Doctor smartwatch definitely helps keep it on track.

  • Dr. Eldar, UK

    Hypertension among young people is common,affecting 1 in 8 adults aged between 20 and 40 years. BP Doctor smartwatch is much preferable for such crowd, since they need both health and productive features in smart gadget.

  • Dr. Lim, Singapore

    I've tried BP Doctor smartwatch for 3 weeks, it is stunning how accurate it can be compare to the tranditional mercury sphygmomanometer, the difference is around 3-5 mmgh, which is pretty good!

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