YHE® BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smartwatch

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Insight of PRO Series

  • 24/7 Monitor blood pressure
  • Track your SpO2, HR and HRV
  • Sports & Sleep Analysis
  • Equipped with patented aircuff
  • Health data visualization via APP
  • Any time data shared with famliy

About BP Doctor Pro

With the patented inflatable aircuff design, powerful algorithm and high accuracy sensor, YHE BP Doctor is capable of tracking and managing your personal health easier than ever before.



Measurement Accuracy

Pressure 土8mmHg; Pulse Rate 5%

Battery Life

5 days

HRV Analysis



What makes BP Doctor so GREAT?

-Patented Inflatable Air cuff to Ensure Medical-Grade Accuracy

-Comprehensive Health Vital Monitoring: HR, SpO2, HRV, Pulse, Sleep Quality, Workout

-Fully Equipped Daily Assistant: Alarm, Schedule, Notifications, Family Share

Doctor Recommended

Keep a daily routine to track your blood pressure so that you have a clearer picture of your risk for heart disease and stroke.

How Does BP Doctor Work

By miniaturizing the components for traditional oscillometric measurement, BP Doctor is capable of using an inflatable cuff within the watch band to take an accurate blood pressure reading just like a regular upper-arm oscillometric machine found in a doctor's surgery.

Never Miss A Beat

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the time difference between each successive heartbeat, also known as "R-R intervals variation". By analyzing the differences when the heart beats each time and having timely access to health information, HRV can be used for stress recovery.

Blood Oxygen Saturation SpO2

Monitoring your oxygen levels while working out can help you make adjustments to your exercise intensity, allowing you to equalize oxygen flow throughout your workout session.

Heart Rate Monitor

BP Doctor always has your heart in mind. It monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day, continuously and uninterruptedly, for a more comprehensive heart health data on a glance.

Automatic Sleep Monitor

A good night’s sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle. BP Doctor Pro lets you understand your sleep patterns (such as deep-light sleep, sleep activities) to level up your downtime efficiently.

Push Your Fitness Further

BP Doctor helps you to achieve your daily fitness goals with a variety of metrics, such as heart rate zones, regeneration status, goals and many more...

Remote Family Health Management

BP Doctor App enables whole-family health management with one simple click wherever you are. All the data synced in-app can be shared with your family remotely so that they can check your physical condition at any time.

Included in the box

 BP Doctor Pro watch

a wrist ruler

USB charging station

 user manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jason Pomeroy

I have so far really enjoyed the watch. I am trying different things to lower my blood pressure and can see if I’m getting results or not. I work a lot so having the watch on really helps I can check my pressure on my breaks. It took some time to get use to the best arm position for me to get the most accurate reading for my body,but now I feel I have it dialed in. I will have to see how long the life of watch last , but so far it has been great.

Paul Lawler
Nice Smart Watch

Nice Smart Watch and like the Health features. BP is very good and easy to use. These watches will be used by many in the future. All good😁

Adrienne Kappes
BP doctor pro blood pressure smartwatch

This is a great device to monitor blood pressure. It was a gift for two family members who have blood pressure issues and are on medication. The log from the app was appreciated during medical appointments.

Sarah Goodman

I love it !

Dorothea Seber

YHE® BP Doctor Pro Blood Pressure Smartwatch